Our experienced presenters provide engaging lessons that make learning fun for your students. Our sample teaching aids and lesson plans in the next column give you a small idea of what we can do.

Along with the classroom sessions, we bring equipment that the students can use for hands-on learning. Through it all, we strive to provide a fun time that the students will remember for years.

Sample Lesson Plans & Teaching Aids

Blackbody files

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Imagine Mars! Files

Documents are password protected. To receive the password, please send an e-mail to patricef@3rf.org, with the date you attended the training session, your name, school or ISD name, and your e-mail address.

More information about the Imagine Mars! program can be found at: http://imaginemars.jpl.nasa.gov/index2.html

Imagine Mars! Files – Day 1
Imagine Mars! Files – Day 2
Imagine Mars! Files – Visual Thinking Strategies Files