Camping at Comanche Springs

We provide excellent camping facilities for groups from a single RV up to multiple Scout troops at a time. Our Camping Field is located just inside the main 3RF gate and is essentially a level grassy field about 80 feet wide by 300 feet long. Additional less-level areas around the south and east sides of this field for additional campers.

An outdoor classroom that’s 16 x 32 feet is at the southwest corner of the main camping area. The classroom has a deep sink with hot and cold running city water and two electrical outlets. Freeze-proof water faucets are located at the southwest and northeast corners of the camping field. Our brand new restroom facilities are located just east of the camping field. Additional electricity can be provided via long extension cords for a small fee per night. We have twelve level, gravel-paved RV sites with hook-ups and each is equipped with multiple electrical hookups (both 110V standard and 30 and 50 amp service) and city water. There are no sewer connections, so RVers will be camping on their holding tanks. There is an overnight fee for use of the RV sites. Please contact the main office for reservations.

Since Comanche Springs is a dark-sky preservation area, we have minimal outdoor lighting. Especially for your first trip to Comanche Springs, we urge you (or at least one driver in your party) to arrive before sunset to “get the lay of the land” during daylight hours. When it’s dark at Comanche Springs, it is very dark.

Cell phone service at CSAC is limited, but can be adequate depending on your service provider. A landline phone is available at the site manager’s office, for emergency use. We also have WiFi service across most of the campus, so Internet phones will work via the public-access side of our network. Bandwidth is too limited for broadband usage (uploading or downloading videos, streaming movies or TV programs, and the like) but is suitable for phone usage, checking email, etc.

Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus is listed as a designated site on Google Maps, where a satellite photo showing the entire campus, highways, and access roads is available. This photo currently is a couple of years old and does not show newer construction progress. Our Events calendar shows Open Campus dates when camping is permitted. The site also is available at other times by advance reservation. Please contact our office in Crowell for more information and for reservations, or email us at info@3RF.org.